• 01.Proposed Agenda


    Location:Boao, Hainan

    Day 1(April 14, 2024): Registration






    Opening Ceremony for the Young Leaders of the Future Camp


    Face-to-face Activity with the Big Shots

    Discussion and Exchange between Government and Enterprise

    Day 2(April 15, 2024): Opening Ceremony and General Assembly 




    Opening Ceremony


    Keynote Speech: Fulfilling Bright Dreams, Forging New Era

    Topic for Discussion:

    ① Scientific and Technological Innovation and Global Governance

    ② Empower Global Development with the Power of Youth

    ③ The Path to High-quality Development of Emerging Industries

    ④ Creativity and Innovation under Economic Recovery


    The Launch of the Youth Co-creation Ceremony and Appointment Ceremony


    Peak Dialogue: Qualitatively New Productivity Empowers Youth Development




    "New" Youth’s Stories

    ("New" youth’s stories of innovation, entrepreneurship, and hard work)


    Boao Young Leaders Closed-door Sharing Meeting (Seminar):

    Young People in the New Era: A Contribution to the Modernization


    Discussion for the New Development of the Free Trade Port: 

    “Let Hainan Free Trade Port Embrace the World Youth

    1. Youth-friendly City and Enterprise Promotion (keynote speech)

    2. Hainan Free Trade Port Investment Projects Signing Ceremony


    Welcome Banquet: Award Ceremony for 2023 Boao Young Leaders


    Day 3(April 16, 2024): Parallel Forums & Thematic Activities & Special Activities


    The Color Run

    (The activity aims to unite young people through the color run, a youthful and healthy way of movement, which is also an advocacy for green travel, and it also symbolizes a positive, healthy, and civilized lifestyle.)


    (Sub-forum activities)

    Digital Economy:

    Ø The opportunities and challenges of Digital Transformation

    Ø Cloud Computing helps to the Digitalization of China

    Ø Exploration of How the Meta-Universe & Block chain Empower the Real Economy

    Artificial Intelligence

    Ø AI Wave Reshaping the Future

    Ø Big models change the world

    Green and Low-carbon

    Ø A New Approach to Enterprise ESG Practice in the Era of Green and Low-carbon Transformation

    Ø Sustainable Development for Enterprises under the Context of "Double Carbon"

    Fusion of Culture and Tourism

    Ø Chinese Modernization and Cultural Confidence

    Ø Various Possibilities for Cultural and IP Integration

    Rural Revitalization

    Ø Youth Practice of Rural Revitalization

    Ø Rural revitalization and cultural inheritance

    Health and Wellness

    Ø The Transformation and Opportunity of the Health Industry in the Era of AI

    Ø New industries, new forms, and new models in the field of healthcare

    Ø The Developmental Path of Drug Innovation



    Future Leaders Camp: Training and Project Roadshow

    (Activities such as career development courses with 100-billion-level tutors and group project roadshows are set up for college students to provide an exclusive platform for interaction, learning, and improvement)


    Special Youth Micro Workshop

    (The conference set up key themes for youth development including "scenario-based activity design", "Structured Co-creation guidance", "Public expression Speech", "AI Assistant Application Core skills", "Video IP all-round skills", etc., and invite professional lecturers to hold special workshops, and cultivated the library of certified lecturers to support the basic capacity building of the national youth community and youth groups.)


    Youth IP and Innovative Development Co-creation Summit

    (To create an ecological platform of "great connectivity, great co-creation and great development" for the majority of young elites and all sectors of society that support the cause of youth development, we plan to launch the "Youth whole Chain Conference", which will be composed of energetic keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, project displays and other sections. We also aim to release the " Brand Rejuvenation Lab", "Commercial New Species Lab", "Youth Friendly City Lab ", and other products, and build them into the Boao Youth Development Conference with great innovative vitality and public impact.)


    Boao Tour Plan: Boao Young Entrepreneurs Inspection Tour

    (Organizing attendees to visit Haikou, Sanya, Qionghai (Boao), and other key cities in Hainan Province to explore Hainan's key industries. At the same time, punch the Hainan special attractions, play projects, and feel the cultural customs of Hainan Province.)

    During the congress

    Interviews With Young Entrepreneurs 

    (Boao young leaders and young entrepreneurs will be invited)

    World Youth Art Exhibition/Photo Exhibition

    (Young artists and photographers are invited to display artworks with different themes, express their unique creativity, and establish a mapping relationship between the real world and current hot topics through visual expression.)

    Youth Creative Bazaar

    (Let the bustle and hustle of the market and the ongoing trends be perfectly integrated, providing the participants with entertainment, leisure, and shopping Creative Bazaar.)

    Science and Technology Innovation Brand Exhibition

    (During the conference, an exhibition of scientific and technological innovation in the fields of digital economy, artificial intelligence, green and low-carbon, and big health will be set up.)