• Partnership

    Authorized by the Official Authority, Aims to Attract Heavyweight Guests

    Entitle the identity of the host/organizer of the sub-forum and create a new IP for youth forums

    Heavyweight guests invited to join our international feast

    Chances to discuss with experts within the same field before and after the meeting

    Pre- and post-meeting discussions with experts from all walks provided

    Vertical Interaction of International Resources to Tap Opportunities for Cooperation

    Precise connection of domestic and foreign vertical resources to create a never-ending cooperation platform

    Full communication and on-site interaction with the all-rounded propaganda matrix

    Explore the potential for development and build a new model of cooperation

    All-media Linkage to Build Momentum and Expand the Exposure

    Multi-media matrix communication to expand the influence of the conference
    Massive and in-depth reports carried out by mainstream media both at home and abroad, forming an all-media linkage campaign

    Exclusive VIP Benefits for Conference Partners

    Main guests are cordially invited to attend the opening ceremony of the conference with VIP seats reserved

    Enjoy the priority for the usage of core resources and business opportunities provided by the conference

    Right to gain on-site mainstream media interview and platform promotion

    Cooperation Modes

    Boao Youth Development Conference solicits conference partners, you can join us through the method of becoming: co-organizers, support units, media cooperation units, investment cooperation units, etc.

    We are committed to providing project authorization, expert resources, project brand, business model, conference services, and other support for each partner.

    We Want You:

    Industry management departments from all levels of governments, chambers of commerce, youth entrepreneur organizations, youth industry associations, universities, media, enterprises, etc.

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    Ms. Hu

    Organizing Committee of Boao Youth Development Conference


    Tel: 16678632786