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  • Why Youth?

    Youngsters are the main force in building our modern society. While receiving more modern education and contacting more newly-born products, contemporary young people also possess a broader international vision and strive to gain more opportunities for development. Standing on the historical node where the two centuries meet, to march towards the goal of the second century of struggle, young people are not only witnesses and participants, but also the new force and main body of the struggle. "The future belongs to the younger generation" is not only an inevitable intergenerational replacement, but also means that sooner or later young people will own the right to speak out and become the mainstay of social development. The progress and trend of human civilization are bound to be profoundly affected by the modern fearlessness, innovation, and vitality of our youngsters.


    In June 2020, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port". From the special economic zone, international tourism island, to today's free trade port, Hainan takes an increasingly important position in China's reform and opening up. Importantly, Boao is also standing at the cutting-edge of China's new round of opening up. More opportunities are provided and more young people with international mindsets, global vision, and innovation are needed.


    We are committed to always adhering to the spirit of openness and sharing, aiming to gain mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, making complementary and sharing resources. We share the purpose of establishing broader and deeper cooperation, jointly building a new platform that leads the growth of youth groups, encouraging youth groups to be innovative, promoting youth groups to be dedicated, and allowing Chinese youth to understand the world and the world's youth to understand China.


    Who can apply?

    Organizing Committee members and other units, international organizations, domestic organizations, participating companies, supporting units, co-organizers, media, newspapers, etc.


    Application Procedures

    1. Click the "Activity Application Form of BYDC" in the download area, fill in the document downloaded as required, and affix the seal of the organizer.


    2. When the form is completed, please send the scanned version of the "Boao Youth Development Conference Application Form" and the business license to After receiving the registration form, the Organizing Committee will contact you within 5 working days.


    3. Please contact us right after receiving the confirmation letter for the purpose of contract signing, and on-site services implementation.



    Visas are required to travel to China for the conference. Speakers & Participants are highly recommended to apply for the TOURIST VISA (NOT BUSINESS VISA). Normally, the tourist visa application process can take up at least 2 months, please apply it as earlier as possible to ensure your successful entry to China.

    The Organizing Committee of BYDC can NOT issue any official letters of invitation for your Business Visa Application. Please contact your travel agent or the China Consulate/Embassy in your country for exact details on the visa application procedure and the list of documents required. Should you need further invitation letter, please contact the Organizing Committee.

    For any inquiries, please contact the organizing committee.


    Contact Us

    Ms. Huang

    Organizing Committee of Boao Youth Development Conference


    Tel: 18661760973

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