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    Value of Cooperation

    1. Brand-New Youth Conference IP

    The Boao Youth Development Conference aims to identify and cultivate outstanding young entrepreneurs with global vision and strong self-confidence by jointly exploring issues including challenges of the era, corporate leadership, new lifestyles, and social responsibilities. Together with the youth pioneer, we strive to seize the new modern opportunities, gather new wisdom, and empower our conference with new strength. With youth leadership, we aspire to accelerate youth growth.

    2. Resource Empowerment and Innovative Content

    Boao Youth Developement Conference will invite exceptional representatives and young elites in the current business field, and provide outstanding young people around the world with a high-quality platform for open communication and cooperation through topic discussions, youth roundtables, master dialogues, and other conferences. During the conference, unique viewpoints and content that are multi-faceted, scientific, dialectical, extensive, and of great authority will be output to the realization of “gathering in Hainan and exposing the globe."

    3. A Cooperation Platform that Never Ends

    During the Boao Youth Development Conference, the main forum, multiple parallel sub-forums, and some special events will be held to discuss various topics such as global economy and globalization under the new pattern, finance, consumption and big data, future innovation and reform, etc. With the support of membership services, sponsorship and cooperation, research institutes, venture funds, and other multi-dimensional methods, the development of the platform is bound to be accelerated and a never-ending cooperation platform will be created.

    4. Multimedia Matrix to Broaden the Exposure

    To allow our voice heard worldwide, top traditional media resources and leading new media platforms such as Bilibili, TikTok, and Kuaishou are integrated into the conference and an innovative convergence media of great quality and effectiveness is jointly created. Different from single media publicity, we aim to enlarge the spreading scope of our conference with the contents as the guide and the multimedia communication method as the support.

    Form of Cooperation

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    NOTICE: Customization is provided and you can require personalized services according to your preference. The final specific cooperation program will be determined by the Committee. 

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