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  • What You Can Expect

    The Second Boao Youth Development Conference provides an ideal platform for companies to showcase new technologies and products, with the purpose to maximize exposure, build brand awareness, and strengthen business relationships for corporates. 

    In order to increase the communication and cooperation of participants; establish a platform for the world's young elites to learn, communicate and cooperate; allow the youth group to timely catch up on the ongoing world trends, social dynamics, industry analysis, cutting-edge technologies, and other suggestions, the conference will provide posters, exhibition boards and booths for the participants, in the form of which your research content and results will be displayed to other attendees from all walks of life in the conference.

    Application Procedures

    Please fill in the exhibitor application form in detail (please go to the Download Area), and send the application form and the scanned copy of the company's business license to with signature and stamping.


    After receiving the registration form, the Organizing Committee will reply to you by email within 5 working days, and up-to-date forum news will be sent to you regularly. You will be informed of the preparation of the conference and any suggestions from you will be highly welcomed.

    NOTE that the deadline for the exhibition application is March 31st, 2024. No application beyond the date will be accepted in principle.

    About the fees


    Before January 31, 2024

    Before February 29, 2024

    Before March 31, 2024


    Tabletop (two tables and chairs)






    Paper / One page




    Ad in Proceeding
    ( 140mm * 210mm, Color)

    General Insert


    Inside Front Cover


    Inside Back Cover


    Back Cover


    Advertisement Board in Venue 
    ( 1200mm * 2000mm )


    Logo on Tote Bag 
    ( 500mm * 300mm )


    If you choose to make the payment by wire transfer, the Committee will email you the Payment Notice. Upon the completion of the payment, a confirmation letter will be sent to you via email. Note that the invoice is available if required.

    Application Instructions

    PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTION STATEMENT: personal information provided is mainly used for registration applications and conference organization matters. All information will be KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. If there is any modification to the information provided, please inform the committee.

    If there are reasons for CANCELLATION, please inform us via email: before March 31st, 2024. Note that once the registration process is done, only 50% of the registration fee will be refunded. After this deadline, no fees will be returned.

    If the conference cannot be held as scheduled due to any irresistant reasons, the deadline will be postponed accordingly.

    For booths and exhibition boards reservation or any further inquiries, please contact us immediately.


    Visas are required to travel to China for the forum. Speakers & Participants are highly recommended to apply for the TOURIST VISA (NOT BUSINESS VISA). Normally, the tourist visa application process can take up at least 2 months, please apply it as earlier as possible to ensure your successful entry to China.

    The Organizing Committee of BYDC can NOT issue any official letters of invitation for your Business Visa Application. Please contact your travel agent or the China Consulate/Embassy in your country for exact details on the visa application procedure and the list of documents required. Should you need further invitation letter, please contact the Organizing Committee.

    Contact Us

    Ms. Huang

    Organizing Committee of Boao Youth Development Conference


    Tel: 18661760973

Online Application Form

Registration Notes:

1. Please fill in the blanket accurately and precisely for examination and verification.

2. Please be assured the information provided will be kept strictly confidential.

3. The organizing committee will process the Application Form and contact you within 5 working days once the form is submitted.

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