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The Declaration

The future belongs to the youth and hopes are placed in them. A country will thrive when its youth thrive, and a country will be strong when its youth are strong. When the younger generation is ambitious, capable, and responsible, the country and nation will possess a bright future. New era, new youth, new model, new power. The tide of the new era is coming, and young people are becoming the mainstay. Only by developing a global vision, expressing strong confidence, and striving to build a community with a shared future can the youngsters grow swiftly and promptly.We gather, no matter where we come from, from the starting point to the destination, although we own differences in personality and experience, we share the same values and ideas. We speak our voices, integrate human civilization, jointly meet the challenges of The Times, embrace the world through inheritance and innovation, coexist with all things in nature, and seek possible solutions to potential problems. We are committed to reform and building up global connectivity, proactively focusing on pioneering business, and winning respect by actively paying value. We grow up, with lifelong learning from all kinds, seeking common ground while reserving differences. No matter how the world changes in the field of technology and art, intelligence and future, we share similar lifestyles.Boao Conference for Youth, an anchor for dreams to happen, a homeport for escorting expeditions. Together, we will build a global youth exchange platform to explore issues such as challenges of The Times, corporate leadership, new lifestyles, and social responsibility. We are committed to becoming a new youth power with a more global perspective. Young people, shouldering heavy responsibilities and missions, will dedicate themselves to The Times, to the world. We seek common ground while shelving differences, learning from each other pursuing common progress. With youth leadership, the growing process of the young generation will be accelerated, deep communication will be established, and the world will also be changed.

Conference Introduction

Boao Youth Development Conference( BYDC) is an open conference for global youth headquartered in China. It was jointly initiated by influential youth mentors and officially launched in Boao Town, Qionghai City, Hainan Province in 2021. The conference has set up two centers in Beijing and Hainan and annual conferences are hosted regularly. The conference was founded to foster young leaders with a global vision and strong confidence.The theme of BFY 2022 is "New Era, New Youth, New Role models and New Dedication", with topics covering technology innovation, new business, new consumption, new education, and new art, etc. During the conference, young elites will be gathered, talking about the trend of the times, expressing the spirit of the times, and showing the youth's role through various forms including the opening ceremony, theme conference, sub-conference, and special activities. They will also share their stories, experience, and dreams, and express their dedication to the new generation.


  • Hosting Organization

    Organizing Committee of Boao Forum for Youth

    Organizing Committee of Boao Youth Development Conference

  • Operating Organization

    Hainan Qingling International Exhibition Co., LTD

    Hainan Cosco Shipping Boao International Conference Co., LTD

    Depth Communicaion Group

  • Supporting Organization

    Department of Commerce of Qionghai

    United Nations Educationnel, Scientific and Cultural Organization

    United Nations Population Fund

    China Youth Entrepreneurs Association

    Junior Chamber International Hong Kong North District Youth Chapter

  • Cooperative Partners

    Business Media Group

    SCOLAR Network

    POLARIS YOUTH / FUXI Institution / Nuwa Culture

Boao Introduction

Boao is one of the picturesque "ten cultural towns" in Hainan province with its charming natural scenery. It is not only famous as the "hometown of overseas Chinese" and the beautiful "paradise town", but also renowned as the permanent venue for Boao Forum for Asia. The Boao Forum for Asia site is built on the southwest riverbank of three rivers’ mouths, consisting of five huge white tents shaping like five white floating clouds from a distance. To the east of the venue is the abdomen of the mouths of the three rivers; in front of it lies a large harbor and the Jade Belt Beach with silver-white sands; to the west, north, and south, villas are scattered in the Boao City. Thousands of colored lights compete to light up the sky at night, as if in heaven.

Boao port possesses its vast port area and strategically-situated terrain. At the confluence of the Wanquan, Longgun, and Jiuqu rivers, it is the must-passed way to reach the sea. There are two islands lying in the outlet of the Wanquan River, namely Dongyu and Yuanyang, allowing the glittery waves and a magnificent scene to appear in the Boao harbor, with water encircling the islands and islands reflected in the water. Here, with the wide beach, loose and white sands, bright-blue sea, rock groups standing at the port gate, shiny green forests all along the coast, coconut trees reaching into the sky, cooking smoke curling, this ten-mile-stretched bay shore seems to be a colorful ribbon woven by the God, which is affirmed as the world’s most perfect natural river mouth by tourists both at home and abroad.

Conference Venue

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